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19 February 1983
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Hello. I was once described as something of a scary eccentric by a teacher at school, the worried me ever so slightly because at the time I had no idea what on Earth the word eccentric meant. Then I looked it up and thought, actually yes that does sort of fit me. I'm a full time bar man who manages the celler at my pub, when I'm not pulling pints, tapping barrels and being enteratined by the nonsense conversations of the regulars I'm an aspiring scribe. I'm something of a real ale buff (ha I even have the beard) so often visit pubs serving cask ale. I'm a big jazz fan with a huge amount of albums ranging from Al Fairweather to Joe Zawinal via Sun Ra. I frequently attended the Jazz Club at the Harp where my love of ale and jazz are united. After recieving a Tenor Sax for christmas when I was 18 i've being slowly learning to play the Jazz and Blues I love so much, then after buying a Clarinet and an Alto Sax I thought I better start having some music lessons.

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