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The Jam Sheet

16th January, 2018. 5:33 pm. Share Your World 2018: 15th January

Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to….

some rest and relaxation. For various reasons I have the week of work and I think I am just going to use the time to chill, see a few movies and generally, just take a steady pace. Don’t really want to spend a lot of cash so soon after Christmas.

Yes I am aware that Camarillo is in fact a Rehab centre which Charlie Parker jokingly referred to as Camarillo Hotel and Spa while he was drying out.

What is your favourite comfort snack food?

Probably Peanuts and Pork Scratchings.

What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?

It was working in a factory boxing up Bin-Bags and other assorted items to be sold in supermarkets, it wasn’t a particularly fun or rewarding job but it earned me legitimate money.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

In honesty the past week has been one whole week of meh…. Silence from one person is getting me down; another one of my friends is quite unwell with an infected Gall Bladder on top of her rather unhappy current circumstances. So all in all I’d say I am pretty much glad this past week is over.   At a push, I’d say the one thing which bought me amusement is a mate of mine has purchased a life sized Dalek replica complete with voice synthesiser and has been posting a few amusing videos of it on Facebook; he’s named the Dalek Dillenger and it is based on the Black Dalek from the AARU Dalek Movies of the mid-60s which starred Peter Cushing.

Image result for black dalek peter cushing


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12th January, 2018. 4:04 pm. Shrewsbury Town Blues

It didn't last.

They never do for me.

This time I thought I'd actually won but Lady Luck said "no".

The lovely Rachael is no longer in my life and rather than have the guts to tell me this, she's simply not spoken or returned any messages.

We'd pretty much been talking everyday on Skype (and at least once she'd utter the phrase "bring me a dog") and all seemed well. She was a bit miffed that our pre-Christmas date ended up being so short and we were setting up plans for our next meeting. Anyway it did occur to me that I ought to tell her that I am still talking to Sia, especially considering how bad her personal situation is- I mean it must have been terrible spending Xmas in a home. I had this sudden vision of being in throws of passion and being interrupted by a call or message from Sian in one of her more elequent moods. Now Rachael herself clearly had some confidence issues and had frequently asked me if I wanted to be with her and she really wasn't anything special. Earlier she'd described me as marriage material and as such I wanted to reassure my concern for Sian was purely plutonic, particularly as she asked if I fancied her (believe me any romantic attraction to Sian had been dampened by her somewhat 'livewire' conduct). So I assured her no and returned her compliment about marriage material. Only a little less elequently then she had.

Following morning she messaged me and we had a chat and while it had unnerved her a bit all seemed good: she was advising me to see The Last Jedi and was telling me of her viewing habits for the day and about the footy match on Monday. Rachael works on the gate for Shrewsbury Town football club. So New Year's Eve and New Year's Day pass with no word. Come Tuesday still nothing, message her, no reply and that has been the case ever since.

It's the silence which is really getting to me. Philippa, Amy, Hannah and Andrea all at least had the decency to tell me to go forth and fornicate as it were. I know Amy and Andrea weren't romantic relationships but still.... Pity as Rachael reminded me of a nicer version Philippa. I has high hopes for this relationship.


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11th January, 2018. 1:47 pm. What A Carve Up!

There is one particular Pub Trend which really grindes my gears. No, it's not Pubs with playareas for Children (though as a single childless chap I can't say they are high up in my Pub favourites) which might surprise my readers. Nor is it Clicky Hipster bars (I tend to frequent bars where the patrons tend to have creaking hips), no it is the Carvery. I cannot abide the places. Line up with a tray, where the Chef asks you want you want and plonks it on your plate. It's like going out to have a School Dinner, why on Earth would you pay for that experience? Then there is the veg which, like at school, is ether undercooked or way overcooked and slowly breaks down into mush! Of course then there is the question of one lump or two? No, sugar in my tea but dollops of what is laughingly called Gravy. I'm fairly certain gravy is not supposed to be gelatinous, but at the Carvery it more often then not is. When I do end up eating at one, which is seldom, I usually freak out the server and ask for the vegetarian gravy as that is usually done to order. When queried I point out that the meat gravy is made from all the meats and I'm Jewish as opposed to the real reason.
Then there is the people, the lure of a cheap lunch where you can help yourself to the veg brings out a variety of nasties. They pile up the veg and leave most of it uneaten. When working at the Horseshoes at Uckington under the incompetence ridden tyrannical rule of Sentry Pubs and their sycophantic puppet they laughingly called a manager (I called him an alcoholic perv, 42 year old boffing a 17 y/o girl case in point), we had one family empty an entire tray of roast potatoes. He of course said "it's carvery" and went back to drinking the pint of Carling he permanently had in his hand. The problem is the Knock on effect, you end up with these groups of people in other places demanding something for nothing. Carvery's, I hope they like Watney's Red Barrell, disappear out of the Pub trade.
In response to the Daily Prompt: Carve

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25th December, 2017. 11:24 pm. No. 1

Ha I probably couldn’t tell you what any Christmas No. 1s were (except Mr. Blobby and no way is that my favourite). Every year I feel I should start a petition to get John Cage’s 4’33” for Xmas Number One….

I shall probably stay close-ish to my roots and say Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade. Yes I know it is a predictable answer.

Christmas Prompt 20

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25th December, 2017. 11:22 pm. Swing Me A Swing Song

The Christmas Song as performed by Trombonist and Vocalist Jack Teagarden, his vocal refrain has the air of a song being sung by a slightly drunk uncle after Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Writing Prompt 19

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25th December, 2017. 11:19 pm. All Around the Christmas Tree

There is probably a joke somewhere in here about what name does a Lapdancer use at Christmas but I have no idea what it is.

I take it we are talking traditional Christmas Carols as opposed to onslaught of Christmas Schmaltz….

I will probably plump for “O Come O Ye Faithful”, “We Three Kings” and “Good King Wenceslas”. The later I often use as a trivia puzzle in Christmas Pub Quizzes.

Christmas Prompt 18

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25th December, 2017. 11:18 pm. Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Christmas Pudding! I do to get my chops around a couple of puddings… I have picked up the role of setting fire to the Christmas Pudding at home, a role I have inherited from my late Grandfather.

Also Cheesey Pigs in Blankets, such a pity we don’t have them all year around, especially since you have a roast Turkey lunch pretty much any Sunday at a Pub or Restaurant offering  a Sunday Roast or Carvery. Mind you, if we could get them all year round they wouldn’t be as special.

Christmas Prompt 15

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25th December, 2017. 11:17 pm. White Christmas

Aside from the snow earlier this month, snowy Christmasses have been seldom. I can recall one White Christmas which was around 2010 and that was because it snowed the day before. The  problem was that I was working and being Christmas Day there had been no gritters out and the roads were incredibly slippy.

There was snow again a few days later and it was the weekend Philippa and I had our first weekend away together and surprisingly there were no travel disruptions that weekend.

Christmas Writing Prompt 10

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25th December, 2017. 11:15 pm. Anticipation

January the 6th!

Seriously though, I think this year it is going out for Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day at the Ramada Hotel.  We seldom go out for a family meal and it will cut out on family stress for cooking the meal. It is for the second year in a row I am not working on Christmas Day and I have a feeling it will probably be the last time for the foreseeable future.

Christmas Prompt 8

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25th December, 2017. 11:14 pm. All Mod Connned

Christmas is busy and expensive time when at home, I’m not sure I would want to make it even more busy and expensive by going away for Christmas.

A friend of mine, who for the sake of this article I will call Dennis, often goes away for Christmas as his attitude was that Christmas Day is too much effort and a bit of a con for a holiday. So he’d take the family to sunnier climbs such as Cuba, Egypt and Cape Verde. Christmas dinner is dealt with and you just take a few small gifts for the children to open on Christmas Day.

If I were to go anywhere for Christmas I think it’d have to be a small get away to the Countryside and stay in a small cottage with an open fire to add atmosphere nice fire place to decorate and hang stockings off. Basically think a Christmas Chocolate Box picture.

Christmas Writing Prompt 7

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